Been a LONG time hasn't it?

I'm happy to say that I'm not done blogging, playing WoW, Maging, or Ranting about holiday events yet.  When we last left off, I was in a miserable rut with a lot of questions and not a whole lot of solutions.  Luckily, I've worked my way out to a better place and I can honestly say I've missed writing and am ready to do so again.  What took so long?  Well, I had to find a new niche for myself and expand my WoW experience.  A long time ago, I started leveling a shaman with the intention of running her in my guild's big raid as elemental.  Seeing as we'd lost our main resto shaman, I was asked to heal, which I was happy to do as I'd learned my way around restoration while leveling in dungeons.  Come to find out, I love healing.  It's a nice change from standing back and slinging pure arcane energy at enemies (RAWR). 

Long story short, I continued to work my shaman through our 25 man while my 10 man character remained the mage.  After the 10 man team I was in fell apart due to burn out and attendance issues, I was without.  I PUG-ed two, sometimes 3 characters through ICC 10 man to keep gearing up.  The thing about PUG raids is you never really know what you're gonna get (like that box of chocolates.)  Some of them would be great, others miserable.  I'd say I got a fair mix in with the guild runs I'd help with on teams that were not my own.  But I missed that team feeling, where people weren't just in it for the loot and for themselves, but for the advancement of the team as a whole.  With a bunch of strangers, what other mentality can you adopt, but to get what you can before you hit a road block and the raid ends?

About a month and a half back, I got a message from a guildie of a friend who happened to need a healing shaman for a run through ICC with some heroic opportunities.  I was hesitant to tell him I'd done 2 heroic encounters before that day, even though I'd seen content up to the LK, despite not having the kill yet.  6 or so weeks later and I'm sitting with a gear score over 6k and 11/12 heroic kills in 10 man ICC, a Kingslayer title, and a badass team that's close to getting some Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquishers

So with my new team and new situation, my WoW mojo is back and along with it, my blogging mojo.  Since I'm doing a lot of shaman raiding now, I'm expanding my blog to cover resto and elemental shaman info on top of the magery.  I'm back, baby, and ready to blog!