I'm a Star Wars fan.  Yes, I realize this is a WoW blog, but it's my blog and I'll blog what I want to.

So Happy Star Wars Day.  :D

I'm pretty psyched about TOR.  I like where the story line is going.  The screen shots look pretty.  Some of the scales models are a bit off (lightsabers look huge) but it's not even to beta yet, so who knows.  I played Galaxies through beta and up till their first big crappy combat patch.  Too bad it went to crap after that. 

It's occurred to me that I may not have the time or money to play two MMOs when TOR drops.  I guess right now it all depends on how Cataclysm and TOR turn out -- I'm hoping to beta both of them to get an idea.  It may even turn out I alternate between them if I like them both.  Right now, Cata isn't really thrilling me to be honest.  The previews so far have been kind of blah.  Later this week I'll post my thoughts on the raid changes.

For now, I'm gonna lay back on my couch in the dark and watch some Star Wars.