My guild runs a number of little raids during the week, as well as an ICC 25 and a number of 10 man teams.  At the end of the raid, it's a mage's job to throw up a portal to Dalaran or Orgrimmar if your raid so chooses so that people can resume their standing around the bank (or auction house) in a quick, efficient fashion.  Some days I'm the only mage.  On these days I like to play a little game called Portal Roulette.

I'm sure you've done it before when you were bored.  You stand in the same spot, facing the same direction and cast every portal you have in that one spot so that you get this big bright blob of light that leads to possibly 7 different places.  When you mouse over said portal blob, you get a rotating tooltip of all the different portals and as long as you positioned yourself correctly, it's very difficult to pick a specific portal.  You CAN, but it's all about timing and dexterity with mouse clicks.

Now as you've probably guessed, this pisses some raiders off.  The uppity ones.  Who don't like to have fun.  And are jerks.  They can always hit their hearth stone and waste the cooldown.  I always offer to pick people up from wherever they're dropped and give them an actual ride back to Dalaran.  It's kind of fun to see where people end up.  Most people hit the portal blob and announce what they got with a laugh, then proceed to hit their stone.  Whoever got Dalaran wins... as for what they win?  A free portal to Dalaran!

It's little things like this that make magery fun.  The little details keep the big stupid stuff like MAGE CATACLYSM CHANGE BULLSHIT from getting in the way of playing a mage.  But more on that later.