So yesterday was Easter and I spent the majority of the day in a blissful state of a full belly and moderate drunkenness.  It was good.  Today I get bored so I say to myself "I'll log in and see what's shaking on WoW!"  I get on with the intention of playing my shaman and doing something fun and interesting when I see a Tauren female standing in front of me in a pink dress and bunny ears.  It takes me a moment to realize what this could mean, and then it hits me like a brick wall.  Noblegarden started yesterday. 

I knew it was coming, as there's a blogger event going on and it's on the calender and it's Easter.  I knocked it out last year on my hunter and she has a couple pretty RP dresses from it.  Mages can also get the Polymorph Bunny exclusively from this holiday so I'm going to have to suck it up and do it on Istolla.  And when I commit to part of a holiday, I just go ahead and do it all, sad as that is.  So another holiday is ahead of me.

I hate holiday dailies with a passion.  With Love is in the Air, they did it to make the holiday more accessible to people for the title, but it wasn't impossible last year was it?  And as much as I like holiday bosses, I'm glad not to have to farm vanity items this time around.  But still, the egg collecting wears on you fast.  Especially if you're on at peak times and everyone else is collecting there too.  It breeds animosity for your fellow player.  Fighting over stupid eggs for a stupid holiday so you can get another title you won't wear and tick off another set of achievements for a meta that gives you a dumb looking dragon mount that's slightly faster.

The first go around, the holidays are novel.  But they get old fast.  I took my mage down to Falconwing and started collecting, but logged out shortly after.  Holiday crap makes the burnout worse, not better.  It's just another set of tasks to do before you're bored again and when you have to fight others to finish that task, it's just not worth it.  It's like busywork your teacher used to give you in school when you had a sub, something to keep you quiet and occupied, but not necessarily something vital to your experience.

Despite my dislike for the holiday crap, I'll probably log in late tonight when everyone else is asleep and knock it out, just so I can get my Bunnymorph and my stupid meta.  Maybe that makes me a hypocrite.  Maybe it just means I'm trying to salvage something that's dying off slowly.