6 months is a long time in blog years.  That's like... gosh... must be something like a century!  Windsoar at Jaded Alt has just met that milestone and to celebrate, she's sticking her muse in other people's blogs!  And by that I mean, she's offered to give us all fun topics in which to post on ours.  I signed up and here's the topic she gave to me, out of the kindness of her heart and the musey-ness of her... heart:
"/cast Muse
Those wonderful warlocks are quite vocal about their advantages over mages which can be summed up as “Warlocks RULE Mages DROOL!”
As the newest mage (that I’m aware of) in the blog-o-sphere, I’d like you to weigh in, and tell us of the wonders of the mage."
 First of all, I think it's important to point out that mages do NOT drool.  It is in fact the warlocks that drool after they whine about our Mage Conspiracy, ability to summon vast amounts of tasty strudel, and our pwn-age via pewpew lazorz.  It must suck to have to rely on a demon (yuck) of all pets to do your dirty work for you.  I mean how can you not feel DIRTY after using all that fel magic?

But in all seriousness, warlocks aren't all that bad.  They just aren't as good as mages.

So at the behest of Windsoar the Muse, I give you:

Gypsy's Top Ten Reasons Why Mages Are Great!

 (Mages' Abilities in Bed List Coming Soon!)
10.  Versatility - While we're not a hybrid class and there's a clear DPS raiding spec, the other two are fun in their own way and were buffed by Blizzard in the patch that dropped yesterday (that I refuse to blog about, tyvm.)  You can blow things up with Fire, pewpew with Arcane, or freeze and shatter things with Frost.  Each spec has it's own little quirks that make it fun and all three of them can put out decent DPS, if not the top of the meter.
9.  Ease of Transportation - Let's face it.  Portals are cool, especially if you're lazy like me.  Having the option of teleporting everywhere leaves you the option of throwing your hearth in another spot you use frequently too.  I have mine set at the Argent Tournament, which was useful for TOC and if I was still bothering to do the Tournament dailies, which I am incredibly tired of (Damn you, elusive gruntling pony!)  Even if people take advantage of your portals at the end of a raid or instance, I know they actually appreciate it, despite not saying so like the jerks that they are.
8.  Summony Stuff! - So warlocks get cookies.  Whoop-de-do.  WE get pretty sparkly gems and strudel.  And portals.  And we don't have to suck out people's souls to get it either.  Soul cookies taste bitter, anyway, and strudel is nice and sweet.
7.  A Pet! - We get a pet too, and ours isn't full of evil and doesn't kill puppies and kittens like warlock pets.  Ours is made of magic and water, making it clean and special.  It also has a nice Freeze spell for AOE crowd control, unless you have the perma-elemental.  I'm kind of hoping Blizzard lets us name them at some point.  I have a lexicon of very appropriate names for a water elemental...
6.  Invisibility - Now you see me!  Now you don't!  What warlock can do that trick hmm?
5.  Buffs - Not just Arcane Intellect/Brilliance, but also Focus Magic and if you're Arcane there's Arcane Empowerment which is now a static aura.  There's also the lesser mentioned and mostly crappy Amplify/Dampen Magic and if you're frost with a Water Elemental, there's Replenishment.
4.  Blink - A fun spell and a useful spell at the same time!  You can escape stuns with it, get away from rogues, get out of fire, sneak up on an unsuspecting warlock... So long as you don't hit a change in the terrain BAM!  You've got 20 yards between where you were and where you are now.  Warlocks envy this spell and Blizzard tried to appease them with their Demonic Teleportation but it's limited to a certain space, so they still cry.  Blizzard had to give them a pony to shut them up.
3.  Polymorph - The original CC for humanoids and one of my favorite spells.  Not only does it come in a number of flavors including Black Cat (my fav!), Pig, Turtle, Penguin, Bunny, and the original SheepWowhead.com also lists Polymorph: Turkey so who knows if that won't be coming out at some point too!
2.  Mirror Image -  Now you see me... NOW YOU SEE FOUR OF ME!  Ok, so it's not hard to tell which one is really me, cause I'm the one doing all the pewpew purple lazors, but this spell gives us extra damage with three minions plus spreads our our threat so we can totally blow all our cooldowns at once and get some awesome burst out of it.  It can be altered to make 4 mirrors with Glyph of Mirror Image and tier 10 4 piece bonus for mages gives us a huge damage buff during the mirror up time (even if they die!).
1.  We've got our own city - That's right.  Dalaran belongs to the mages.  And don't you other people forget it.  Wipe your feet at the landing, folks, so you don't track that Northrend permafrost around.  Don't litter or we'll turn you into a pig.

That's 10 reasons why mages are awesome.  So if you warlocks don't want to reroll a mage at this point, I don't know what's wrong with you.  You should probably see a doctor.  As I feel I have fulfilled my duty to the Muse, I end with a "HAPPY ANNIVERSARY WINDSOAR AND JADED ALT!"