So I get up this morning, dread filling my veins because I have a day of cleaning ahead of me.  There's coffee, so I go drink a cup, still half asleep.  I watch a Zach Efron movie (obviously still half asleep).  "Man, he's kinda hot for jailbait" I find myself saying.  I check my coffee for something alcoholic.  Nope, just coffee.  After a moderately entertaining movie, I get up and go to check my email, knowing that my good friend Dristanel has left me a present.  I sit down to read my present and find a second present at the end of my present.
Also, I am thoroughly amused. If you check this first and not spam from your blog, you should know linked your 3.3.3 mage post.
Spit-take of said coffee.  Quickly and with much anxiety, I rush to my blog, stumbling over the stupid long URL in my firefox browser.  There are comments on my 3.3.3 (. nerf post.  26 of them.  Why are there comments on my post.  There are only ever a few comments.  Holy.  @#$@#in.  Sh&t.

So apparently gave me a blurb in one of their Daily Quest posts.  So there are people on my blog.  This is good news.

I am not an experienced blogger, nor am I an expert.  I speak from experience, from my own brand of research, and from listening to others.  I'm happy my voice got out there, even if it was in an angry pitchfork post.

Thank you to those who offered constructive criticism, constructive argument, and agreement.  You trolls can go... I'm sapped for a creative way to tell you to shove off right now.  To whomever is surfing my blog from, thank you for the generous spot and don't forget the other talented bloggers at Blog Azeroth, any number of them with a good deal of snarky, intelligent, and (or) amusing things to say.  I'm overwhelmed.