Dristanel of the Physician's Log has revealed the admirers of the bloggers that participated in the event.  I got the pleasure of stalking Poneria from Fel Concentration for a few days.  My stalker was none other than Jaedia from The Lazy Sniper!  I loved the little poems and clues!  This turned out to be a pretty fun event and made me more aware of the blog circle on WoW.  It also brought some new people here, cause let's face it:  I'm new and I don't have a following yet.

Maybe it's a little bit arrogant to say yet, but I'd like to be optimistic.  I don't write here just to vent about stuff that bugs me, but also to help other people in what ways I can.  I'm by no means an expert, but I learn from my mistakes enough to help other people prevent making the same ones, or so I'd like to think.  I also love to hear feedback from the people that are out there, so if you are, blog-readers, please comment!

While begging for Shout Outs, I'm also going to give a few of my own, to the people that make my WoW day and sometimes my real day better.  First on the list is of course Dristanel who has been with me through thick and thin and two bad relationships, at both of their ends.  We bitch endlessly at each other in whispers (me more than her, I assure you) and it's always a treasure to have someone to listen to you complain when you need it.  She also reigns me in when I'm going to far, not afraid to tell me to STFU if I'm out of line, and she boosts my confidence when I need it.  Most of all, we can laugh together over stupid things that are ridiculously funny; we secretly giggle during raids and pugs and have our own special names for things.  It also helps that she's very smart and very game saavy and has given me pointers and help in a number of WoW places, not just healing, but also DK tanking and raiding in general.  For the record, I was indeed Drunk Tanking in her Dysfunctional Family post and I did fine, tyvm.

There are a few other rare gems in our guild, who shall remain nameless.  They all have their own niche of goodness, be it raiding or roleplaying or just plain being cool, all of which I embrace.  You people make me laugh and make me thoughtful.  You bring some sunshine to my rainy days and some calm to my stormy ones.  I do love you.

WoW movie people also get a shout out.  I love watching little tidbits of WoW set to music or plot, seeing the full potential this game has to offer in another incarnation and wanting to do the same myself.  I aspire to making my own WoW music video some day and have some songs pick out.

And finally, WoW bloggers, people who bring their own unique interpretation to the game, looking to help those who seek answers and entertain other gamers with their wit.  What more is there to say.

I love you guys.